The All About Running Company has been the leader in running products and services for 15 years. Starting in 2002, when we applied electronic timing in Greece to the Athens Marathon, we then contributed decisively to the development of the running movement with the publication of the “Runner Magazine” from 2005 and then with the operation of the website which became the first media only for runners!

We haven’t stopped there, but we carry on providing new services by offering a complete package for design, development, promotion and organization for all types of running. is another service for all those who participate in running, swimming, triathlon, cycling, etc., giving them the opportunity to participate in their favorite races without having to enter their personal data every time, as long as they sign-up as members one time.

Members of will be able to see all the events that have participated in on their personal tab, will have immediate information on the status of their race registration and also see all their results gathered on their individual tab.

Importantly they will be able to keep up-to-date on all the new All About Running races, watch their results in real time and enjoy unique privileges.

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